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Common support methods for stainless steel reactors

Generally speaking, there are two support methods for stainless steel reactors, namely, torches and legs. Most users will ignore this problem. In fact, the support method of the experimental reactor is very important. This is because a good support method can effectively improve the use efficiency when the entire equipment is placed and used. If the experimental reactor is used alone, you can choose the outrigger support. This support method can be selected without welding to the operating platform, but care should be taken to determine the length of the outriggers to avoid supports of different lengths, which will make the center of gravity of the reactor and other equipment unstable and affect the operation.
stainless steel reactor
The ear supports are generally selected, that is, the upper end of the jacket is welded to the ear bracket. The ear bracket is a suspended bracket and can be used in conjunction with other equipment such as condensers, pipes, and storage tanks. The selection of ear supports requires operation The platform and operating platform are according to the size of the stainless steel reactor, combined with channel steel, round pipe and other supporting equipment, and it is convenient to install and operate according to the process flow.

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