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Polishing process of stainless steel reactor


In order to make the appearance of the stainless steel reactor equipment brighter, when we use it, in addition to good maintenance, we also need to do a good job of polishing it. Polishing can reduce the scars on some equipment. The following is an introduction about its polishing process:  

1. Polishing can roughen the surface of the bottom tire of the stainless steel reactor, and then increase the surface energy and specific surface area, and improve the adhesion between the bottom tire metal and the bottom glaze of the equipment. 

2. The polishing of the equipment is generally carried out on a grinder or with a hand-held grinding wheel. The requirement is to round sharp edges and corners, smooth the weld slope on the glass-lined surface, grind away the oxide skin and the sandwich, and then show the product. Original color. 

3. If the metal surface of the stainless steel reactor has surface sandwiches, oxide layers, weld problems, and adhered grease and dirt during machining, it will affect the enamel quality of the equipment, so we must grind it. Light.   

4. Sometimes when the carbon content exceeds the standard, the high-temperature surface polishing method must be used for compensation.  

The polishing process of the stainless steel reactor is properly used, so we should do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. The polishing process can be used in the treatment of its appearance, and it is actually very close to the polishing operation.

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