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How to check whether the seal of the stainless steel reactor is leaking

How to check whether the seal of the stainless steel reactor is leaking:
Method to detect air leakage: Fill the reactor with pressure and let it stand for a period of time. Observe whether the pressure of the pressure gauge drops. If there is no drop, it means that there is no leakage; if there is a drop, you need to use foam to drip into the suspicious place, and there is leakage. There will be bubbles in the place. In general, there are air leaks in the sealing part of the kettle cover and the kettle body, and the joints leak air. If the seal between the lid and the kettle body leaks, you need to replace the sealing ring. Some kettles do not have a sealing ring and are hard sealed. This is more difficult to repair. Once the air leaks, it means that the sealing surface is damaged. service. If the valve joint is leaking, just tighten it with a wrench. If it doesn't work, replace the valve.
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The maintenance of the needle valve, the needle valve may need to adjust the seal after a long time of use, if it is not used for a long time, it should be kept open. The valves on the stainless steel reactor are sealed with double ferrules. In order to increase its service life, please minimize the disassembly of the ferrule nuts at the two ends of the needle valve. If they are disassembled too frequently, they will not be able to ensure a good seal. For the maintenance of the sealing ring, carefully check the gasket in the kettle cover before closing the body to ensure that it is not damaged. After many experiments, the inner and outer edges of the gasket may squeeze out thin irregular burrs. This does not mean that the gasket needs to be replaced, but a sharp knife is required to remove the flange. Straighten the joint surface of the kettle cover and the kettle body so that they are smooth and free of protrusions, and then put the kettle cover on the stainless steel reaction kettle.

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