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The use of reactor in daily life

In daily life, the reactor is made of stainless steel, but how much do you know?
1. In terms of structure, stainless steel reactors are mainly used for large-scale working conditions such as 15 tons, 21 tons, and 30 tons. For rapid heating, they adopted an external coil structure to introduce hot water, steam and hot oil into the heat transfer medium. The electric heating method of the internal combustion engine is convenient and quick, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the water and electricity consumption. cost.
2. The reaction kettle can be divided into steam heating, heat conduction oil heating, hot water heating, etc. according to the heating method; according to the different materials used, it can be divided into outer ring type carbon steel outer ring type and stainless steel outer ring type. No matter what kind of reactor is used, compared with ordinary jacketed stainless steel reactor, it has the advantages of fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, and low cost.

3. When the reactor is heated, it is mainly to inject a constant temperature, hot melt or cooling medium into the interlayer of the reactor to heat or cool the materials in the reactor, and at the same time operate under high pressure or negative pressure according to the requirements of use. The size, technical parameters and selection range of the outer loop reactor can be selected according to the process and characteristics of the product to produce agitation.

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