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Application of stainless steel mixing equipment

Stainless steel reactors are used in material processing places and food processing fields. The structure of this equipment is very simple, and the operation method is also relatively simplified in the process of processing materials through the equipment, and there is no need for complicated operating procedures. Application purpose, so now people pay attention to the application of stainless steel mixing equipment.
Using this equipment can complete the material reaction process in a very short time, as long as the user sets according to actual needs, the equipment can complete the processing flow. In order to make it convenient for people to use the stainless steel reactor, the following is a brief introduction to the application specifications of the equipment. In the process of using the stainless steel reactor, it is necessary to have a special person to look after it. If it is found that the equipment suddenly fails during operation, or the working status changes, it is necessary to stop the operation in time at this time and check some causes of the failure. When using mixing equipment, follow the correct process and method, otherwise it will easily lead to abnormal situations.

Before using the stainless steel reactor, the staff also need to inspect the equipment to avoid other foreign objects remaining in the equipment. If there are foreign objects, they must be treated in time to prevent these substances from affecting the working status of the equipment. After starting the equipment, the staff should be careful not to turn on the equipment while the equipment is running. This will not only affect the working status of the equipment, but also cause danger. When using the stainless steel reactor, the staff need to pay attention to the temperature control. If the temperature is found to be higher than the standard range, the heating should be stopped at this time, so that the equipment can be maintained at a suitable temperature.

 Then how to choose a reactor?

(1)the customer's demands;
(2)engineer's design;
(3)factory production.


Norminal Capacity
Heating Power (KW*PCS) Inner diameter
Outer diameter (mm) Motor power (KW) Stirring rate
Weight (KG)
50L 50L 2*4 Φ400 Φ550 0.75  
100L 100L 2*6 Φ500 Φ650 1.1  
300L 300L 4*6 Φ800 Φ950 3  
500L 500L 4*9 Φ900 Φ1050 3  
1000L 1000L 4*12 Φ1200 Φ1350 4  
2000L 2000L 5*15 Φ1400 Φ1550 4  
3000L 3000L 6*15 Φ1600 Φ1750 5.5  

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