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The problem of anticorrosion was considered in the manufacture of condenser


The data of the condenser is generally carbon steel, stainless steel and copper based, during the use of carbon steel raw material tube plate as a cooler, its tube plate and tube tube welding seam often appear corrosion leakage, leakage into the cooling water system will form environmental pollution and material waste.

When the condenser is being manufactured, the welding between the tube plate and the tube is generally done by craft arc welding. The weld shape has different degrees of defects, such as depressions, pores, slag inclusion, etc., and the stress distribution of the weld is uneven.
When the tube plate is used, it touches the industrial cooling water, and impurities, salts, gases and microorganisms in the industrial cooling water will cause corrosion of the tube plate and weld.
The research indicates that industrial water, whether fresh water or sea water, will have a variety of ions and dissolved oxygen, during which the concentration of chloride ions and oxygen changes, plays an important role in the corrosion shape of the metal.

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