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The structure and common use problems of chemical reactor


Chemical reactor is a kind of container for chemical reaction, which is now widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, petroleum and other industries. The materials are stainless steel and carbon steel lined with enamel. Today we mainly introduce to youStructure of reactor, daily use and some reactor problems.


Structure of chemical reactor

Xuyang Chemical Company introduced to you that the chemical reaction vessel can realize the heating, evaporation, cooling and low-speed mixing functions required by the process through the structural design and parameter configuration of the vessel. Let's take a look at the structure of the reactor. Chemical reactor is composed of kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, agitator, transmission device, shaft seal device and support.When the height-diameter ratio of the stirring device is large, multi-layer stirring blades can be used, and it can also be arbitrarily selected according to the requirements of users. A jacket is arranged outside the kettle wall, or a heat exchange surface is arranged inside the kettle, and heat exchange can also be carried out through external circulation. The supporting seat has supporting or ear-shaped supports, etc. Gear reducer should be used when the speed exceeds 160 rpm.The number of openings, specifications or other requirements can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements. Packing seal is usually used under normal pressure or low pressure, and the general service pressure is less than 2 kg; Mechanical seal will be used in general medium pressure or vacuum pumping, and the general pressure is negative pressure or 4 kg; Chemical sealing will be adopted under high pressure or high medium volatility.Generally, the pressure exceeds 14 kg. Except for chemical seals, which are cooled by water, other sealing forms will increase the cooling water jacket when the temperature exceeds 120 degrees.


Installation and application of chemical reactor

I. installation environment. Chemical reactors should be placed in high-pressure operation rooms meeting explosion-proof requirements. When installing multiple chemical reactors, they should be placed separately. Every two chemical reactors should be separated by a reliable explosion-proof high wall. Each operation room has an outlet directly leading to outdoor or passage. When there is explosive medium, the equipment should be located and ventilated well.

Second, the installation and sealing of the chemical reactor cover, the reactor body and the reactor cover adopt the form of conical surface and circular arc surface line contact sealing, and the main bolts are tightened to make them mutually compact to achieve good sealing. When tightening the main bolts, the tightening torque shall not exceed the range of 80-120NM to prevent the sealing surface from being squeezed and overloaded. The sealing surface should be specially cared for. When installing the reactor cover,It is necessary to start the kettle cover slowly up and down to prevent the sealing surfaces between the kettle body and the kettle cover from colliding with each other. When tightening the main nut, the main nut must be tightened symmetrically and gradually, and the force should be uniform to achieve a good sealing effect.

Three, positive and negative nut connection, only allowed to turn the positive and negative nuts, two circular arc surfaces shall not rotate relative to each other, for all threaded joints in assembly, must daub oil or oil blending graphite, so as not to bite dead.

Four, prohibit rapid cooling and heating, to prevent cracks caused by excessive temperature stress.


Solution of Overheating in Use of Chemical Reactor

Under the condition that there is no abnormality in the stainless steel reactor, just start mixing and input materials according to the specified amount. The reaction tank of the rolling bearing at the bottom of the stainless steel reactor is forbidden to dry up, and the rolling bearing at the bottom can be opened after penetrating into the liquid level. In the reaction process of stainless steel reactor, patrol should be conducted and timely treatment should be carried out. If that temperature produce by the stainless steel reactor is too high,Use cooling water immediately. The temperature of water after cooling shall conform to the technological requirements. If overpressure occurs, open the automatic exhaust valve immediately. Emergency pressure is relieved. If the power outage causes parking, the power supply should be stopped; If the power supply is disconnected during feeding, the feeding should be stopped, the automatic exhaust valve should be opened, and the circulating water should be cooled. For long-term parking, the residual liquid in the kettle should be cleaned.And turn off the bottom valve, inlet valve, inlet valve, drain valve, etc. Because some chemical media are at risk of moving, stainless steel reactor manufacturers require customers to protect equipment under various conditions. Maintenance must be carried out at ordinary times, abnormal phenomena should be properly handled, and use should be avoided.


Corrosion reasons of enamel chemical reactor

Failure causes of damage (corrosion, crack, through hole) of glass-lined reactor shell:

1. exposure to medium radiation (pitting and intergranular corrosion);

2. Thermal stress affects cracks or alkali embrittlement;

3. The enamel is worn and thinned or corroded uniformly.

Treatment method:

1. The shell lined with corrosion-resistant materials needs to be re-lined or locally repaired and welded;

2. After welding, stress should be eliminated and cracks should be repaired;

3. If the design minimum allowable thickness is exceeded, the body needs to be replaced;


How to solve the seal leakage of chemical reactor 

1. The mixing shaft is worn or corroded at the filler, resulting in excessive clearance

2. Oil seal cannot be formed due to improper oil ring position or blocked oil path

3. The gland is not pressed tightly, the packing quality is poor, or it has been used for too long

4. Corrosion of packing box

How to solve it?

1. replace or repair the mixing shaft and process it on a machine tool to ensure roughness

2. Adjust the oil ring position and clean the oil circuit

3. Compress the packing or replace the packing

4. Repair or replacement


Maintenance of chemical reactor

If the maintenance is not good, it will easily affect the reaction result. Xuyang Chemical will summarize the following points for attention today:

1. Read the instructions carefully before using the reactor, and check the instrument: check whether the glass kettle body is damaged or not, and whether the interfaces are consistent.

2. Wipe each interface of the glass reactor with a clean soft cloth, and smear a little rotating interface at the interface to make the vacuum grease at the interface uniform.

3. The interface of the reactor should not be screwed too tightly, so as to prevent the connector from being bitten to death due to long-term locking.

4. Turn on the power switch, and let the machine run from slow to fast. When the machine is stopped, turn off the switch.

5. PTFE switches everywhere should not be tightened with excessive force to avoid damaging the glass. After stopping the machine, loosen all PTFE switches, and the PTFE piston will be deformed if it stays in working state for a long time.

6. Remove the sealing ring of the chemical reactor, check whether dirt is accumulated on the shaft, wipe it clean with a soft cloth, apply a little vacuum grease, and reinstall it to keep the shaft and sealing ring smooth. Clean the sealing ring of the reactor regularly, check whether dirt is accumulated on the shaft, wipe it clean with a soft cloth, then apply a little vacuum grease, and reinstall it to keep the shaft and sealing ring smooth.Clean the sealing ring regularly.

7, electrical parts must not water, it is strictly prohibited to be affected with damp be affected with damp.

8. When replacing the parts of the reactor, the original parts produced by the original factory must be used. Using other parts at will will cause fatal damage to the machine.


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