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Use and design attention of stainless steel reactor

The raw materials of the stainless steel reactor are generally explosive, corrosive and flammable substances. The production environment is mostly low temperature, high temperature, corrosion, toxic substances and other environments. Material transportation is effectively realized through chemical reactions, and the process operation of the stainless steel reactor has strong continuity.
During use, if the stainless steel reactor leaks, it is easy to cause a fire. Therefore, in the design process of the equipment, its fire protection device is very important. The material selection, design and installation of the device reactor should comply with national standards.

The stainless steel reactor needs to be strictly controlled during the design process. Different process characteristics are adopted, and corresponding materials can be selected according to the requirements of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance during use. In the process, more advanced technology and equipment are used. In the process of using the stainless steel reactor, it is necessary to do a fire check in time. When chemical production enterprises use equipment, equipment personnel should be relatively stable. Must effectively improve the staff's operating procedures and technical level.

After a period of use, the stainless steel reactor needs to be cleaned in time. During the cleaning process, care must be taken not to allow water or other liquids to flow into the heating furnace of the equipment, which can effectively prevent the furnace wire from burning when the equipment is heated. If the stainless steel reactor fixture heat transfer oil is used for heating, you should be careful not to mix water or other liquids. It is necessary to check the equipment from time to time to effectively check the oil level of the equipment.

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