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The role and work process of stainless steel reactor

Working process of stainless steel reaction kettle:In chemical production, there are not only simple chemical reaction processes, but also physical mass transfer processes such as fluid flow, material heat transfer, mass transfer and mixing. In the stainless steel reaction kettle, the excitation, steps and rates of chemical reactions are carried out according to the laws of chemical kinetics. For gas-liquid reaction, the reaction rate is related to temperature and concentration, and the size of interface and diffusion rate. For the gas-solid reaction, no matter what the conditions are, the gas components must diffuse to the surface of the solid catalyst first, and then carry out chemical reaction on the surface of the catalyst. Chemical reaction process is the essential process of reaction kettle.
Because there are many kinds of raw materials in chemical reaction, the reaction process is complex, and the requirements for reaction products are different. In order to meet different reaction requirements, the structure types and sizes of stainless steel reaction vessels are also various, and the operation modes and operating conditions are also different. Intermittent operation reaction kettle, continuous operation reaction kettle in which raw materials are added once, and continuous addition of raw materials. Reactors with different structures and sizes and different operating conditions and modes will inevitably affect the flow state of fluids and the transfer processes of heat transfer, mass transfer and mixing of materials. Transport process is a necessary condition to realize the reaction process, so the working process of the reaction kettle is a reaction process based on chemical kinetics and a complex process based on heat transfer, mass transfer and momentum transfer.

The main function of stainless steel reaction kettle is to provide a reaction place, maintain certain conditions, and conduct the chemical reaction process according to the predetermined direction to obtain qualified reaction products. Almost all process equipments include reaction vessels, so it is of great significance to choose suitable reactor series, establish good operating conditions and design reasonable and reliable stainless steel reaction vessels to meet the needs of the growing process industry. The reactor with reasonable design and good performance shall meet the following requirements:
1. It should meet the requirements of chemical kinetics and transfer process, with fast reaction speed, good selectivity, high conversion rate, more target products and less by-products.
2. It can timely and effectively input or output heat, maintain the heat balance of the system, and make the reaction process proceed at an appropriate temperature.
3. It should have sufficient mechanical strength and corrosion resistance to meet the pressure requirements in the reaction process, and ensure the durability of equipment and safe and reliable production.

4. Simple manufacturing, convenient installation and inspection, flexible operation and mediation, and long production cycle.

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