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Heating of stainless steel reactor

Heating of stainless steel reactor

Stainless steel reaction kettles are generally customized based on whether the material is heated, boring, or cooled. In the customized scale, the temperature should be below 230℃, and the operating pressure should be below 0.1Mpa. The heating method of the stainless steel reactor can be formulated according to the production conditions of the operating unit. The heating method includes two methods: medium circulation such as hot oil and direct electric heating.


Hot oil medium circulation type: After the heat transfer oil is heated to a certain temperature in the heating tank of other equipment, it is transported and circulated through the hot oil pump.Direct heating method: It is to install an electric heating tube directly on the jacket to heat the heat transfer oil to the required temperature.

It is well known that the reactor can only be operated under the conditions of heat supply, and the performance in the heat preservation process is even more remarkable. Heat is the center of equipment operation, and heat preservation equipment has also become the "heart" of the stainless steel reactor. In order to prevent the fluctuating heat source supply from affecting product quality, stainless steel reactor heat preservation equipment began to come into being. For internal and external insulation.

Internal heat preservation: There is a maintenance cylinder inside. Barrier fabric. The fabric can be resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, and can better resist various moisture absorption reactions. High-quality fabrics are a prerequisite for the normal operation of the equipment. This is also the construction of the reactor's insulation system from the inside.

External heat preservation: As long as the internal heat preservation is unsatisfactory, the ambition can be achieved by both internal and external maintenance and cooperation. The heat preservation of the stainless steel reactor hot water pipe can better absorb the lost heat. In addition, the dust-proof pipe can also effectively hinder Condensation caused by cooling.

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